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Uniqueness Assessment System (UAS)

Uniqueness Assessment System (UAS) Art experiment gone wrong

Python application with TUI (Terminal User Interface) developped as part of Le Salon's 'Bleu, Sartre et ma mère' show. Participative art piece designed to determine/question the uniqueness of its users, basically a binary tree that grows as people participate. MIT Licenced.


teslamate-abrp Dockerized Python app

Forked/Took over the maintenance of a piece of software allowing data generated by TeslaMate to be pushed to routing app A Better Route Planner. Cleaned-up the code, solved some issues, added some features, dockerized the solution and wrote the documentation. MIT Licenced.

Impression Movie Maker

Impression Movie Maker Automated in-rythm video editing software

Python application developped over a few days as challenge to/private joke with my ex-work collegues. Allows you to feed it video sequences, a music track and some more information... and will spit out a fully edited video in sync with the music provided. Pretty narrow field of use, but fully open-source and easy to understand (I think!). MIT Licenced.


Golfer vs. Godzilla

Golfer vs. Godzilla Photo-montage series, with Charles Froté, 2019-the future

Golfer vs Godzilla playfully explores the nature of domination through the (un)likely face-off between a golfer and a nuclear sea-monster in the impromptu setting of a photobombed golfing manual. A clash between the goofy imagery of a genre movie's vast universe and the exclusive and etiquette laden greens of prestigious golf courses. Functioning as some kind of storyboard to an unreleased film, the montages allow to absurdly confront the globalized mythologies of the prevalence nature in Japanese culture and the seemingly unsustainable practice of golf as a sport in a light-hearted manner.



Rankr Terrible Tinder simulator, 48-hour game jam project

Co-created over 48-hours with Dan Bourquin and Romane Donnet as part of the 4th Epic Game Jam, Rankr is a Tinder/dating app simulator with unexpected consequences. I created the original characters, wrote all the dialogues and made some of the game's music.

Darkness, censure et cinéma (1. Gore & violence)

Darkness, censure et cinéma (1. Gore & violence) Chapter on the history of gore cinema

Re-publishing of the article titled 'NIFFF 2011 : le gore, d’un mode de représentation à son institutionnalisation' originally published in Décadrages in 2012. In French.

Master's Thesis in Film Studies

Master's Thesis in Film Studies A deep dive into Invasion of the Body Snatchers

My Master's Thesis in Film Studies at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland), published as a git repo with an (almost) complete commit history. It touches on the subject of the Invasion of the Body Snatchers 'series' and how it forged its place amongst the film cannon. In French.



America Experimental Short Film, 5 min, 2016

Short film made during a week-long workshop at the HEAD. Cut together using found footage off the Prelinger Archive and voices of friends reading excerpts of American litterature.

Désorientation Professionelle

Désorientation Professionelle Short Film, 4.5 min, 2014

Short film co-directed with Julien Rusconi. Jury Price in official competition at the Haut&Court 2014 short film festival.

Le Message

Le Message Short Film, 4 min, 2014

Short no-budget film made during a two-week workshop with Jean-Stéphane Bron at the écal (Switzerland). Co-directed with Julien Rusconi.

Road Trip Thirteen

Road Trip Thirteen Short Film, 3.5 min, 2013

Yet another Road Trip movie. Shot with a GoPro Hero 3 black during a two-month-long road-trip across the United States in the summer of 2013.


(artistes inconnus)

(artistes inconnus) Mysterious Duo

It is (no) secret, I -with Romane Donnet- make one half of the evasive post-funk electro-acoustic soft metal band (artistes inconnus). If it looks like we are not making any music anymore, its because we are on a long break.

Alter Bono

Alter Bono Rhythmically impaired Alter Ego

I sometimes release music as 'Alter Bono'. Mostly sampled based hip/trip-hoppy sound. You can find it around the usual suspects, bandcamp and soundcloud.


SpoileRR Alert

SpoileRR Alert Wrongly motivated film review show

I created, wrote and recorded the weekly radio film review show 'SpoileRR Alert!' from 2015 to 2016 on GRRIF. Some episodes are available to stream on SoundCloud.

Note: This is just a sample of my work. You can find out more by digging around in the console.